Blair may run for WB Post

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LONDON: Outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair could be a contender for the new president of the World Bank, a post traditionally reserved for an American, a former bank executive said on Friday.
Joseph Stiglitz,  a Nobel prize-winning economist and former senior vice president and chief economist at the Bank, told BBC radio that Blair “is one of the people that is clearly being  discussed.” Blair has just held talks with US President George W. Bush in Washington on a range of foreign policy issues. A spokesman for Blair, who leaves office June 27, declined to comment on the remarks, which come after World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz announced he would step down on June 30 to end a favouritism scandal.

“There is a large amount of wild and, in the main, inaccurate speculation out there and it is not going to be wise for us to comment on any of it,” said the spokesman. Stiglitz said the World Bank could appoint Blair. “It wouldn’t rule him out,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.—



Wolfowitz has agreed to resign

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WASHINGTON, May 18: Paul Wolfowitz has agreed to resign as president of the World Bank following allegations that he gave his girlfriend a big pay raise, the bank announced on Friday.
“The executive directors accept Mr Wolfowitz’s decision to resign as president of the World Bank Group, effective end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2007),” said the announcement.

The bank’s board of directors would start the nomination process for a new president

immediately, the bank said. The White House has made it clear that President George Bush will choose the next World Bank president but his selection must be approved by the World Bank’s board.


The Beauty of the Internet and Penang

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The Penang Island is one of the beautiful places to visit by any one who wants to explore the beauty of the world. This bautiful paradise is only Island state of Malaysia .Penang is restricted only to 267 Sq Km and only 1.3M peaple . Most of the people of this tiny Island are originally came from China and Indonisia. The Penng Island has become the Industrial hub of Malaysia where the most of blue chip companies have invested billions of dollars in various industries,. Peaple of  this beautifull Island are very friendly and prepare to welcome      any one who visit them. And also it is worth to note that Penang is the only state govern by a chineesechief Minister.Tourism is the  second  income source  and million of tourists are visting Penang every year

Hello world!

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